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My Work

This has been years in the making. Maybe ten years or so, but maybe fifteen depending on how we count things. Regardless, you are catching me at the very beginning of my freelance writing career, and as such do not have much work to show (yet).

For now, everything below is comprised of personal projects, mostly blogs, and years of corporate and technical writing experience. As I grow my portfolio I'll update the list of things below. Please don't let the lack of variety scare you away, I am an extremely versatile writer and can tackle just about any project you have in mind.

Thanks for considering me for your writing needs!




Below is a list of services I'm starting out with. Do not view these as gospel. If you have a writing need but do not see it below, just let me know! 

Website Copy

Experience: 4+ years Homepage, about page, sales page, services page, staff page, landing page. You name it, I've done it. I have over 4 years of experience running a successful website design and development firm and played a role in writing the copy for all of our client sites.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Experience: 6+ years Today's job market is crowded. Standing out is critical just to get the interview. Once in there, it is up to you to shine. Your resume and cover letter are part of opening that door of opportunity. Don't leave it to chance. I have 2 years being directly involved in the writing and editing of professional resumes and cover letters as a recruiting coordinator, and over 4 years of experience reviewing candidate resumes and conducting interviews. I know what it takes to open doors.

Corporate Copywriting

Experience: 6+ years Process and procedure documents, employee handbooks, on-boarding documentation, PowerPoint presentations, report summaries, executive level communication, and everything in-between, I've done it all as a desk jockey and manager in a major IT consulting firm.

Technical Writing

Experience: 6+ Years Technical documentation, how-to guides, technical process documents, instruction manuals, software guides. Whether you need to instruct your staff or your customers, my speciality is making the complex understandable.

Blog/Article Writing

Experience: Writing Online Since April 22, 2007

I have plenty of experience blogging as a means to capture daily life, and also have a year or so of writing to and owning a personal finance blog way back in 2008 and 2009. Unfortunately that site is no longer around, but we published multiple times a day and even branched into podcasting. All of that to say, I have plenty of experience in crafting, writing, researching, and publishing online. I have experience with keyword research, straight forward (legit) SEO experience, and a knack with using the written word to connect with any type of audience.

Creative Writing

Creating something out of imagination - this is what I love to do. Creative writing is where my heart is, what I want to do more of, and just plain fun to do.

Travel Writing

No experience here yet, but a strong interest. I love traveling, finding new places, connecting with the soul of a destination. Expect to see a few personal pieces here eventually.



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