Choose Positivity

It seems in this day and age that negativity is the norm.

Whether it is the news, a conversation with a friend, or a trip to the local coffee shop. We are bombarded with negativity.

The latest political scandal and scandalous and has people up in arms. The friend is unhappy about something in their life. The customer ordering their coffee is complaining about the supposed lack of options (or how hot their coffee is, or how the drink has too many ice cubes, etc).

Even if we try to shut out external sources of negativity, our minds will turn inward and begin to point out the things in our own lives that could use work. There is nothing wrong with this but the fact remains that it is easier for us to be negative than to be positive. Instead of taking inventory of how much good we have in our life our energy is focused on what is missing or not good enough. And so, even though we have so much to be thankful for and to be positive about, we become unhappy because of what is supposedly missing from our lives.

Having a negative view about something is like hanging out with the in” crowd. Everyone is doing it, so it will be easy to do.

However, if we choose to find the positive, and share the positive, we will be going against the majority and may create conflict…so it will not be easy to take the positive route.

Similar to frowning verses smiling. Frowning uses fewer muscles and is easy for us to do, while smiling uses more muscles and is harder to do!

Although more difficult, let’s choose to have a positive mindset and share that with the world around us.

March 3, 2020

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