I have noticed lately how we (people, humans, or maybe just my son and I) are naturally inclined to be satisfied and prefer simple things. We start by over complicating something in order to learn (an unplanned part of the process) and then scale back to whatever it” is at its most basic structure or function.

Mozzie’s room is filled with toys, but if given a choice will choose sticks and stones (no joke) over the battery powered junk from the store.

I obsess over finding the best task management app/system. Months, years, and a few hundred dollars later I decided to manage everything with text files and pen and paper.

Same with the perfect text editor for wrangling all of the words I write. I try all of the new tools on the block and go back to text in a simple text file written in an app I have used since it was first launched. Even still, all of my words start with the most basic tools available: pen and paper.

I think we do this so that we come to fully understand whatever it is. We have to go through the entire discovery process in order to fully grasp the thing and appreciate all of the components. We learn about ourselves through this process, which I think may be the most important part. Whether learning which toys we like the most as kids, to figuring out how we best organize and manage life as adults, we ultimately learn more about ourselves and become a better more authentic version of who we are. All part of the process of becoming who we are…

So, lean into whatever path of discovery you find yourself on at the moment. Don’t feel bad about jumping from one thing to the next. It is all part of the process. You are becoming you. And right now, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

March 2, 2020

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