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The Swing & Whittle Newsletter is a place for observations. Observations about life in general, other people, myself (navel gazing), and whatever else strikes my fancy on a monthly basis. This newsletter is not for people who think they have things figured out or always have the answer. 

I will share thoughts on things that are taken from my life and may be interesting/entertaining to read or be applicable to your life. No promises and no guarantees on anything. Beginning in 2020, my goal is to send out an email once each month…but that probably won’t happen, so don’t worry, I won’t be another annoying email inbox pest.

This newsletter is for humans. Humans with flaws. Humans who forget to pay bills, drink cocktails late at night, binge shows on Netflix, yell at their kids, apologize to their kids, forget to kiss their significant other goodnight, feel like a failure some days, feel like the luckiest person in the world on other days, and sometimes skip bushing their teeth at night. I’m guilty of everything above. I don’t have it together, and I don’t think anyone actually does (despite trying to show otherwise). 

This newsletter is also for those of us unsatisfied with the status-quo, doing things the way everyone else does them, or living life according to others. In general, we are seeking to find a live a more simple life…

So, sign up if you’d like to read things that happen to a human like you, so that you don’t feel so alone. We are in this life thing together and we need to stick together.

Cheers, Aaron

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