Aaron’s Woodshop

June 4, 2020 - You can view posts and such about my woodworking projects here. These will mostly be behind the scenes” type things.

More to follow soon :-)

Coming soon…made to order items. All made entirely with hand tools and wood sourced from local sawmills and lumber yards. The only power required in my workshop is for two lights hanging overhead. This is not to say anything about the use of power/electricity or the more modern versions of my hand tools (power tools), it is simply the way I have chosen to work. This method of working and creating means that each item made is worth far more than the price paid. Each item is literally one-of-a-kind. While two items may have the same shape and design, they were both made by hand, given individual focus, and will have subtle (or not so subtle) differences that add to the uniqueness of the item.

Items I hope to have available for sale soon on a made-to-order basis:

More will be added, so stay tuned. I do have a email list that I try to email monthly but usually only quarterly. I’ll mention new items as they become available there (otherwise it is just a spot for me to send out an update on life), so add your email address if you’d like to stay in the loop. As I write this it is June 4, 2020. The last newsletter went out on March 1, 2020. So don’t worry…I am by no means going to annoy you.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to making something for you!



From The Workbench of Aaron Aiken