Hello World…

Last time I wrote about myself I was super serious. I wrote about my important accomplishments and my stuffy expectations. I have taken myself too seriously for a majority of my adult life, and now, as I reach my mid-thirties, I find that I am - well - becoming calmer about things.


I’m Aaron. I live in Harrisburg Pennsylvania in a humble ranch house in a neighborhood filled with retired folks. I work from home full-time, so we’re all friends.

Not really, I prefer to stick to myself. I was outgoing and stuff when I was younger, all for what?

So, I have a house, which I am beginning to enjoy. I still think home ownership is a scam, same with college, but topics for another day.

A house, a wife, a kid, and a dog. I started growing a beard in October 2019 and have yet to shorten it. And I prefer flannel shirts over whatever the alternative is.

By day, and night as it turns out, I am an I.T. Consultant. Nothing fancy. It is a good job.

Also by day and by night I am a woodworker. I stumbled into this part of who I am earlier this year and have been wondering how and why it took me so long to discover this part of me, but alas, such is life. Regardless, I am a woodworker now and find it hard to stop. My workbench and the shelves around it are filled with a variety of hand tools. No power tools in my shop, and nothing against them, I have simply chosen a traditional approach to woodworking. More about my woodworking here.

All of that to say, hello. And welcome to my world.

Remember RSS feeds? Well, that’s how you should read what I write (grab the feeds here). Or bookmark my site and stop by frequently to see what is new. I also have a newsletter that I send out once at the end of the month, or even less than that.

Feel free to email me. Would love to hear from you! Hello at aaronaiken dot me will do the trick.

See you around,



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