Hello World…

Last time I wrote an about page I was super serious. I wrote about my important accomplishments and my stuffy expectations. I have taken myself too seriously for a majority of my life, and now, as I reach my mid-thirties, I find that I am - well - becoming calmer about things.


I’m Aaron. I live in Harrisburg Pennsylvania in a humble ranch house in a neighborhood filled with retired folks. I work from home full-time, so we’re all friends.

Not really, I prefer to stick to myself. I was outgoing and stuff when I was younger, all for what?

So, I have a house, which I am beginning to enjoy. I still think home ownership is a scam, same with college, but topics for another day.

A house, a wife, a kid, and a dog. I started growing a beard in October 2019 and have yet to shorten it. And I prefer flannel shirts over whatever the alternative is.

Oh, and as you might expect after those last two lines above, I’m starting to brew my own beer. Because why not?

By day, and night as it turns out, I am an I.T. Consultant. Nothing fancy. It is a good job, but…

…My true love is writing, something I do not do often enough. I try to write morning pages every morning as a form of mediation and clearing my head for the day ahead. My goal is to then write a thousand or so words towards my current project, a book about becoming a father, but I usually get pulled into something for work right away. I do try to get to those thousand words during the day…or at least during the week. I have a personal goal to publish the damn thing at some point this year (2020).

I also want to blog more, something I say, er, write, on a regular basis, and have been doing more than usual on my micro.blog site, something that I have come to enjoy and appreciate. You will not find me on any social network. I think I am going to use micro.blog for the shorter things, and this site, powered by Blot, for the longer structured posts. That seems to make the most sense to me. I enjoy micro.blog for the short things, photos and such, almost treating it as a stream of more personal things. It handles photos very easily, and there is nothing to think about when posting. While it could be used as my main” presence on the Internet, after using it for a while now, I think it is best used/viewed as its name implies: a micro blog (what Twitter used to be).

This site is more of a normal” site. It has pages, like this one, and what I consider to be traditional blog posts. The only thing missing” will be comments on pages or posts, there will not be any commenting. If you’d like to discuss a post with me, the author, my email address is referenced below. Comment sections have largely become the most used and abused part of the Internet and I prefer to keep my space as clean as possible.

I have published all over the Internet since 2005 and unfortunately have lost most of those words since they lived inside content management systems”. I do have some of this content in text files, thankfully, and will publish them here if I think they should be. Make sure you are subscribe via RSS to follow along.

I appreciate Blot because my site is mine. All of the content is mine and will remain mine. If Blot goes away, or if I leave Blot, I still have my words and I can move them somewhere else. Blot is nice for ease of publishing and managing”. Everything is based on text and files that I can see and touch.

But, that’s not really about me, but maybe it is because it gives you a glimpse into how I view certain things. None of it important.

All of that to say, hello. And welcome to my world. I plan to write and publish whatever I want to. I hope you enjoy some of it!

Remember RSS feeds? Well, that’s how you should read what I write (grab the feeds here). Or bookmark my site and stop by frequently to see what is new. I also have a newsletter that I send out once at the end of the month.

Feel free to email me. Would love to hear from you! Hello at aaronaiken dot me will do the trick.

See you around,


From The Desk of Aaron